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Hawaii photographer

Pasha at Kapiolani Park, Oahu 2017. Photo by: Diana Yushin

Pasha is the chief photographer at Best Hawaii Photos. He’s been a long-time Waikiki resident and is very passionate about high quality, beautiful, professional Hawaii photography. Pasha is also a musician, songwriter, music producer, surfer, graphic designer, blogger, organic gardener.. and the list goes on 😀

Pasha and his dad hanging out at La Jolla Shores beach in San Diego, California mid-2000’s

Pasha’s mother is the original professional photographer in the family. She gave him the ‘photographer’s eye’, techniques, and a creative, artistic mind. But it all started even earlier, as her father was already into black and white photography back in the 70’s and 80’s (See the photo below). Photography is in our blood and DNA. It’s called the ‘photo-gene!’ 😛

Pasha organic gardener

Black and white photo by Pasha’s grandfather V.P. Smirnov circa 1989

Having an artistic, creative mind and correct techniques is essential for interesting, unique, captivating, and beautiful photos, but sometimes we get blessed with unexpected wonders!

Pasha's mom again mid 90's. Creative self portrait "Hiroshima"

Creative self portrait “Hiroshima” – Natasha (Pasha’s mother) mid 90’s Santa Barbara, California

Long before Pasha got into professional photography in Hawaii he was an artistic child, whose artistic ability was recognized early on, and as a result, he personally gave two of his colorful drawings to Queen Elizabeth II in the 90’s when he was only 10 years old. His favorite painters are: Salvador DalíVincent van Gogh, Ivan Aivazovsky, Vladimir TretchikoffHerb Kawainui KānePaul GauguinMichelangelo, and Leonardo da Vinci.

Photos speak louder than words, so don’t forget to check out Pasha’s photography portfolio here!

indigo dancer drawing by Pasha 2

bob marley one love van gogh painting by Pasha

"Deneutralization" oil on canvas art by Pasha. Circa 2001-2013.
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