Infant Baby Photography: 3 Months

Taking great photos of babies is not that easy. Especially infant babies.

Surely anyone can snap baby photos with a cellphone. But for baby photography to be extra special it has to be done right, usually with the help of a professional photographer and at least one of the parents.

Additionally, baby has to be in a good mood, not sleepy, and the photographer needs to be very patient, fast, experienced, and creative to capture the wonderful moment.

For Kiana’s 3 Months we decided to give her a special gift of a professional baby photoshoot! Mommy was the official fashion stylist and helped setting baby up for poses.

At 3 months most babies don’t yet crawl and definitely can’t stand. So baby needs to be posed and held by someone. Usually a parent or guardian, while the photographer takes photos, recommends locations, and poses.

We wanted to do a few “standing” poses because it’s just soo cute! Since babies can’t stand this early they need to be held up.

The main location for this baby photoshoot was a secret garden near Waikiki. The garden had beautiful flowers, greenery, palm trees and even an urban background by the water’s edge.

It was lots of fun and we were very blessed with amazing baby photos to cherish.

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