Ko’olau Gardens Wedding Photography

Ko’olau Gardens is a great spot for Weddings of any size. Located at the prestigious Ko’olau Golf Course in Kaneohe on the island of Oahu. It offers a very nice and convenient indoor wedding reception site Ko’olau Ballrooms with full catering, an indoor waterfall, as well as a very scenic wedding ceremony site right outside. Ko’olau Golf Course is rated one of the best 100 golf courses in the world.

Incredible views of the Ko’olau mountains, lots of greenery with large trees, tropical plants, and ponds create lots of opportunities for stunning Wedding Photography.

Since Ko’olau Gardens is located on the rainy side of Oahu, it’s advisable to plan the wedding at a dry and sunny time. Of course, Hawaiian weather can be unpredictable and forecasts are often wrong. But, this lucky wedding couple got lucky with the weather, since it rained the day before, but cleared up just in time for their wonderful wedding.

This awesome wedding was organized and planned with the help of Ko’olau Gardens and I Want to Marry You Weddings with Reverend Watters Glover. Photography by Pasha of Best Hawaii Photos.

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