Romantic Engagement Photography in Waikiki

Having romantic Engagement photography done in Waikiki is a great idea for any couple wishing to commemorate their love for each other surrounded by the secret beauty of Waikiki. It could be for any romantic occasion such as an Engagement, before-the-Wedding shoot, a Hawaiian Honeymoon, Babymoon, or simply LOVE.

Knowing where to go in Waikiki is crucial to selecting a great location that’s not crowded AND has an awesome variety of views. Of course, after living, working, and photographing in Waikiki for over a decade we know more than a few great places. This lucky couple in love got the best of it. Awesome weather, no crowds of people, and amazing variety of stunning photos surrounded by the majestic natural beauty of Waikiki! Photography and logistics by Pasha of Best Hawaii Photos.


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